has probably the best name in the adult chat world. It’s straight to the point and it’s very easy to remember. So they have a great name, but is the site any good? The answer is yes. The bonus is they recently completed a redesign, so the site’s also very easy to use. has a huge member base and there are always several girls online at any time. The models are regular people, not paid performers. You’ll find college girls earning a few extra bucks, couples who love to have sex for the public, gay studs who like to show off, and anything you can think of. The live people you watch and chat with are based all over the world. The site is optimized for great video quality, on both fast and slow internet connections, so dial-up users will enjoy the site just fine.

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As soon as you log in, you see a page full of everyone online. Click on a photo for the profile, or go straight to chat. The girls have done a great job of filling out their information, so it’s worth taking a minute to look at the profiles they put up. Many have photos of their past webcam shows.

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Other features that are included at are a photo and video library, favorites list, and a search page.

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If you have a webcam too, you can go cam-to-cam with a model in private chat. It’s completely optional, of course. The live girls are there to entertain you, but if you ever get so hot it makes you want to show off your goods, it’s simple to do at You do not need a webcam to enjoy the site.

Like all the good adult chat sites, offers a free lifetime membership. To sweeten the deal, they give you $10 in credits when you sign up. Live cam chat is always free. The only time you use credits is when you want to go to XXX chat or private 1-on-1.

There is one catch though. In order to get your free lifetime membership (with $10 in credits), you will need to pull out your credit card. This is only for age verification though. They may charge a $1 fee, but it’s fully refundable upon request. This is my only gripe with, but it’s outweighed by the $10 in free credits and a great site. Also, $1 really isn’t much anymore these days, so that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying live sex chat.

Note: If you want, you can purchase a 1-day trial membership for $4.99. This includes unlimited video chat. So you have two options when you join The best value is the trial, because minutes can go pretty quickly. But make sure you cancel when the trial is up, otherwise you’ll get charged a monthly fee of $40.

I repeat: If you take the 1-day trial, make sure you cancel before 24 hours or they will charge you $40.

Average cost: Premium video chat starts at 1.99 credits per minute. How this translates into money costs depends on how many credits you buy. Your credit-buying options are: $30 for 30, $50 for 60, $75 for 100, or $100 for 135 credits.

If you don’t want to spend any money, then pick the free membership because you can try private chat using the free credits. No other site offers this, so if you want to join a live cam site and don’t think you can afford it, should be the first one.

Pick the offer YOU like:

Tip: Consider signing up for the trial first, so you can get the 24 hours of free video chat. Then cancel, and go for the free lifetime membership. That way, you can take advantage of both offers.

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